Who is Richard Green?


Richard Green is The Modern Conjurer

Whether performing classical style conjuring in a formal setting or his own brand of bizarre magic, Richard Green: The Modern Conjurer brings his own impressive style to audiences wherever he performs. 

Richard can be seen regularly performing close-up magic at House of Cards Nashville below the Johnny Cash Museum downtown. He is also the host of the Haunted Magic show in the Blackstone Room at House of Cards Nashville 


Where The Audience Is The Star

In each of his presentations, Richard may be the performer, but it is the audience members who are the real stars of the show! Richard is not an egotistical performer, and strives for constant interaction with the audience members.

Together, they create an interpersonal magical experience that is both relaxed and engaging.


What does he do?

Close-up Magic: Richard Green performs miracles "up close and personal" while strolling among those in attendance at your event. This style is best suited for cocktail parties or before dinner entertainment. Your guests will gasp with amazement as Richard shares his special blend of mysteries "right before their eyes, and in their own hands!"

Parlor Magic: Popularized in the mid- to late 19th Century, this style of magic is perfect for the home or smaller venue for groups of up to 50 people. Richard performs these mysteries right before your very eyes.

Shows available

Victorian Secrets


Victorian Secrets is a one-man show in which Richard performs in the classic style of the parlor magicians of the Victorian-era. Victorian Secrets is interactive, entertaining, and mind-boggling magic.

Kindred Spirits


Kindred Spirits is a presentation like no other! Using artifacts connected to iconic moments in history, Richard Green combines magic, history, and ghost stories into an evening that you won't soon forget! 

Not for children under the age of 13.

Custom Entertainment for Your Event


Having an event, but don't know what type of entertainment to offer your guests? We can customize the magic and entertainment to fit your needs. 


Performing "The Peripatetic Coins" for a corporate sales meeting


No upcoming events.

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Richard Green: The Modern Conjurer

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